3D Pool Game


Billiards game with pretty good 3D graphics


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If you like having fun with friends playing billiards trying to beat the score and enter all those balls in the holes, 3D Pool Game can be a good choice.

3D Pool Game is a billiards game which is not similar to other billiards simulators in which it isn't easy to control the pole nor the touch of the white ball. This game is more arcade than them, and that's good because you'll have more fun, although you'll be playing a less real game. You decide the direction for the white ball, keep clicked the button to apply the desired strength and when you'll release the button, the white ball will move.

Decide whether to play alone or versus a friend. The goal is to score the more balls in a row. You'll get more and more poonts each time you score one more. Take into account the number on each ball, because it will indicate the points you'll get.

Finally, try to be the best ion the world. The world? Yes, because it features a worldwide scoreboard.

Trial version only includes solo mode and two minutes per game.